Denis Gardens

You are in the center of Brno, you don't have much time to travel somewhere and yet you would like to sit somewhere quiet and green for a while? Head to Denisovy sady on the slope of Petrova hill, between Husová street and the old town center. You can get here from Husova street, from the main railway station via Bašty street, from Biskupská street or through the passage from Petrská street.

Information for visitors

Adress: Biskupská 569/4, Brno-střed
GPS: 49.19083310, 16.60555610
Denis Gardens map

Interesting facts Denis Gardens

Denisovy sady originally bore the name Park Františkov and at the time of its establishment it became the first public park in Moravia and Bohemia founded by the provincial administration. The park was created in the years 1814-1818 at the initiative of the Moravian governor Antonín Bedřich, Count Mitrovsky of Mitrovice and Nemyšle. It was created by modifying the then VIII. bastion, the part of the fortifications that protruded outside the walls themselves. The park originally formed one unit with the current Studánka Park, which was separated in the years 1939-1941 by the construction of a road connecting Husova Street with Nádražní Street.

On October 4, 1818, an obelisk celebrating the victory over Napoleon was ceremoniously unveiled in the area of ​​the bastion, which adorns this area to this day. Near it there is a colonnade with a fountain and from the edges of the bastion there are beautiful views of the southern part of Brno and its surroundings. You can go through the park along several serpentine paths leading along the hillside. Part of the park is a nice Governor's Garden and is connected to the Capuchin Gardens. Before entering them, a cross was erected to commemorate the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, when the cross stood at the airport at the place where the pope preached to the faithful.

Location right in the city center, massive walls, on one side amazing views and on the other side the silhouette of the magnificent Cathedral of St. Patras and Paul, greenery and benches for quiet sitting - this and many other reasons make Denisovy sady a very popular place for romantic walks and leisure time not only for people from Brno.

Author: Martina Limbergová