Toulovcova lookout tower

The Toulovcova lookout tower lies on a hill called Jarošov and is located right next to the region of the Toulovcovy Maštale nature reserve, a rock area near Budislav. If you go here on a trip, you will definitely not make a mistake. A walk through Toulovcovy Maštály and a subsequent tour of the lookout tower is a very romantic experience, especially if you are a lover of rock formations and are looking for peace in the surrounding nature.

Toulovcova lookout tower Toulovcova lookout tower

Information for visitors

Adress: , Jarošov
GPS: 49.81449170, 16.16343250
Toulovcova lookout tower map

Interesting facts Toulovcova lookout tower

The construction of the lookout tower itself began in September 2001 and has been open to the public since February 2002. It is built mostly of wood with occasional iron elements.
A total of 60 steps lead to its top, located at a height of 539 m and 12 m above the ground. After overcoming them, you will be rewarded with a magical view of the Eagle Mountains, the Giant Mountains and even the Jeseníky Mountains.