Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen

Try what it's like to have the whole of Šumava in the palm of your hand, visit the lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen and see the world from a bird's eye view!

Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen

Information for visitors

Adress: Na Klínu, Plzeň 4
GPS: 49.76738200, 13.43044000
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Interesting facts Lookout tower on Chlum near Pilsen

The local brick lookout tower is located on the Chlum hill, approximately 1 km from Pilsen in the northeast direction. It is located at an altitude of 416 meters and was officially opened in 1929.

The building with a total height of 24.8 meters has an observation platform located at a height of 21.8 meters above the ground and a total of 121 steps lead to it. From the tower there is a beautiful view of Brdy, Šumava, the city of Pilsen and its surroundings.

You can walk to the lookout tower from Doubravka, Zábělská - bus stop, along the red marked hiking trail. This road is about 1.5 km long. You can also get here from the road between Újezd ​​and Doubravka, from which a branch leads to the tower.

In the period from 15 June to 15 September, it is open on weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm and on weekends and public holidays from 10 am to 6 pm.

The local lookout tower was created mainly on the initiative of the Union of Czechoslovak Workers' Tourists. The foundation stone for the building was laid on May 1, 1926, but because it was not possible to raise a sufficient amount of funds, the lookout tower was built only to a third of its height. It was not completed until three years later, in 1929. The grand opening took place on 23 June. A lighthouse for air transport was installed on top of the tower shortly after its completion. Thanks to him, a road was built to the tower and electricity was introduced here.

Even before the Second World War, a toboggan run and two ski jumps were established here. These lasted until 1951. During the Second World War, the lookout tower surprisingly prospered relatively well. Mr. Krbec became the administrator at that time and seven waiters were employed there. Because the water supply system was not introduced here until 1993, water was imported from the well to the top at that time.

In the post-war period, the lookout tower changed many owners and in 1968 it was used by the Russian army. In 1996, Jaroslav Kokeš became the owner of the land, removing the remains of Pika's cottage and planning to build a modern hotel complex in a futuristic shape over a ship floating above the forest. However, the building authority did not approve this project and the land was sold again.

In 2001, the lookout tower was entered on the list of listed buildings and since 2002 it has been open to the public again. From 2007 to 2010, however, it was closed again. The lookout tower is now privately owned and its operation is provided by the Czech Tourists Club.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová