Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod

Try what it's like to see the world from a great height and take advantage of the nice location of the Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod!

Information for visitors

Adress: , Hradčovice
GPS: 49.05679400, 17.58828700
Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod map

Interesting facts Lhotka lookout tower near Uherský Brod

This iron lookout tower also serves as a mobile operator's transmitter and is located at an altitude of 285 meters on the Kamenná hill, at the northern edge of Lhotka near Uherský Brod, approximately 8 km east of Uherské Hradiště.

This lookout tower with a total height of 35 meters was officially opened in 2001. A total of 98 steps lead to the observation platform at a height of 18 meters and there is a nice view of Chřiby, the White Carpathians and others.

You can go to the lookout tower from the northern region of Lhotka, from where a narrower asphalt road leads here. It leads further through the farm, which is sometimes locked. In this case, it can be bypassed in the field, but it is not very good to take this path in rainy weather.

The lookout tower is open daily without restrictions during the tourist season.

As for the construction of the lookout tower, it is a standardized construction of a mobile operator's transmitter. You would find an almost identical building near Záboří near Blatná or on Mackova hora near Nový Strašecí.
The construction was carried out in 2001 by Český Mobil.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová