Red Mountain and Heather Well

The peak of Červená hora in Hrubý Jeseník is situated at an altitude of 1333 meters and in itself offers magical circular views of the entire Jesenice region, even in poor visibility. You can see, for example, Vozka, Keprník and Praděd. The very top of Červená hora is overgrown with blueberries and low spruces, and most of the routes lead here from the direction of Červenohorské sedlo. An interesting place near the top of the Red Mountain is the Stone Window. It is a completely secluded rock formation, a kind of false rock gate.

Red Mountain and Heather Well Red Mountain and Heather Well Red Mountain and Heather Well

Information for visitors

Adress: Vřesová studánka, Loučná nad Desnou
GPS: 50.14426420, 17.13602810
Red Mountain and Heather Well map

Interesting facts Red Mountain and Heather Well

The heather well is located about half a kilometer below the Red Mountain. It is a place with an interesting legend about a hunter who chased a deer around a well. He was already wounded, but the moment he drank from the well, he miraculously recovered and ran away from the hunter. It is said that the hunter later became ill with a serious illness and returned to the well and tried to drink from it. The local water also helped him, he recovered and hung a painting on his pillar as his thanks. Since then, the Vřesová well has been referred to as a place of pilgrimage.