Ostrý - Šumava

Osser - this is the German name of the Šumava mountain Ostrý, but because it is a two-peaked knot with a specific silhouette, this peak also earned the nickname "Breast of the Mother of God". It consists of Velký Ostrý with an altitude of 1293 meters and Malý Ostrý (1266 m.n.m.). However, it lies in the area of ​​the border with Germany and the highest peak is located about 15 meters from the state border, and therefore the highest point of the Czech territory reaches only a height of 1280 meters above sea level.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ostrý, Košařiska
GPS: 49.20309500, 13.10965500
Ostrý - Šumava map

Interesting facts Ostrý - Šumava

Šumava itself does not have too many majestic peaks, on the contrary, it is characterized by rather elongated ridges, however, Ostrý is often called the most beautiful of all the Šumava hills. The most attractive way to the top of Ostrý leads in the direction from Domažlice or Klatovy. This is a picturesque area of ​​the Úhlava valley.

The peak of Ostrý promises a beautiful view of Velký Javor, the highest Šumava mountain, and even the Alps, if the visibility is favorable. The top parts of this hill became inspiring for the artist Carl Maria von Weber, who drew inspiration to write his famous opera here.

Near Ostrý, the nearby Čertovo and Černé lakes, Bílá strž with a 13 m high waterfall or the tunnel under Špičák, the longest railway tunnel in the Czech Republic, are definitely worth a visit.

It is said that on the very top of Ostrý there once stood a castle with a square floor plan and a side of 30 meters. Archaeological finds have shown that it was built sometime in the 13th century, but probably in the 16th century it was referred to as a ruin and only a torso of the masonry has survived to this day.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová