Růžovský vrch

Děčínská Fujijama - this is often called the Růžovský vrch, which can be found in the Czech Switzerland National Park. The distant Asian volcano is reminiscent not only of its majestic appearance but also of its volcanic origin. Hike to its top, climbing to a height of 619 meters, is a real experience!

Information for visitors

Adress: Růžovský vrch, Růžová
GPS: 50.83295610, 14.33018500
Růžovský vrch map

Interesting facts Růžovský vrch

Růžovský vrch is not particularly visited by tourists, mainly because the way to its peak is more challenging, but mainly because it does not promise breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape due to afforestation. The very ascent to the top of a massive basalt hill of volcanic origin is a unique experience! You will avoid the crowds of tourists, usually occupying the Pravčice Gate, you will be able to enjoy the peace and at the very top you will be able to say that you have just conquered the highest point of the Czech Switzerland National Park!

The road to the top

The peak got its name from Růžová - a village located in its northwestern part. It is from Růžová that the most ideal path also leads here, marked by a yellow tourist sign. But expect an elevation gain of 270 meters. The ascent itself will also come only after overcoming the first three kilometers of walking - only then will you find yourself at the foot of Růžovský vrch. A steep climb follows.

There is an interesting windmill in the village of Růžová, which you will not see much in the Czech Republic in general. It was built in 1844 and today is used as a guest house. The massive wind wheel with five wings, which is not original, but respects the form of what used to be here, will certainly attract attention immediately. However, its diameter was much larger (about 20 meters). However, the tourist route to Růžovský vrch bypasses the mill, so if you want to see this attraction, you will have to extend your walk slightly.

Růžový vrch is part of the Růžák National Nature Reserve, which is one of the most important in the entire Ústí Region. Its area is about 118 ha.

Information boards at the top of Růžovský vrch will inform you that there used to be a picnic pub and a lookout tower. However, it was not exactly the wishes here that I wanted:

• The lookout tower from 1891 was destroyed by lightning
• The lookout tower from 1893, 24 meters high, was destroyed by a storm
• The observation tower from 1904, 18 meters high, lasted the longest here. In 1936, however, it had to be demolished due to its poor condition

The way back can be directed in the opposite direction than where you came from, namely to Srbská Kamenice, where it is possible to have a snack and look at Růžovský vrch from another side of the world.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová