Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Are you fascinated by the infinite universe? Do you remain amazed at its beauty and mystery? Want to know a little more about him? Visit the Observatory and Planetarium in Brno. You can find it in the Brno-Střed district on a hill called Kraví Hora. The observatory has been standing in the park, which is a popular place to spend free time, for almost 60 years. It has changed its name a total of six times during its history, most recently in 2010, when the name Brno Observatory and Planetarium was approved.

Brno Observatory and Planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium

Information for visitors

Adress: Kraví hora 522/2, Brno - Veveří
GPS: 49.20390080, 16.58491500
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Interesting facts Brno Observatory and Planetarium

The oldest part of the observatory are two separate domes with a diameter of seven meters, opened to the public in 1954. Five years later, a lecture hall and a small projection planetarium followed. The large projection planetarium was then opened in 1991. Nine thousand stars, twenty nebulae and star clusters, and many other bodies of the solar system were projected here on a 17.5 m diameter dome. However, it is now undergoing a modernization of technology that will be able to transmit multiple projections, which will intensify the resulting impression. This technology is a combination of the USA, Japan and France and in the Czech Republic it is used only in the Prague Planetarium. The entire area of ​​the observatory and planetarium was reconstructed and expanded in 2010-2011. After this expansion, the observatory was able to focus on other scientific disciplines, especially inanimate nature.

The Planetarium organizes performances for children and adults and educational programs for school classes. You will learn interesting facts about our planet from a modern point of view, about the solar system, but also about the more distant universe. In the near future, plans are planned for the youngest children from the age of about three, which will bring the universe and the Earth closer to them with the help of a fairy tale. The large planetarium also hosts concerts, thematic seminars and professional lectures.

You can see the universe with your own eyes thanks to one of the many telescopes available in the observatory. These are smaller portable devices that can be used to observe the sky from the terrace, but also large refractors, thanks to which you can observe the sun and the evening sky at regular intervals, accompanied by an observatory worker.

In bad weather in the evening, a small planetarium is also used, located in a dome with a diameter of eight meters. Here it is possible to watch an alternative program if the conditions do not allow direct observation of the stars.


Author: Martina Limbergová