Technical Museum Brno

Don't know where to take the children when the weather is not bad for walks outside? Take them to the museum. That it's quite boring in museums, you think? Maybe, but this is certainly not the case at the Technical Museum in Brno. Not only will you learn a lot of interesting information, but you will also have a good time in the Technical Games Room.

Information for visitors

Adress: Purkyňova 2950/105, Brno - Královo Pole
GPS: 49.22820580, 16.58153610
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Interesting facts Technical Museum Brno

The museum can be found in the Královo Pole district, on Purkyňova Street. It deals with the documentation of the development of science, technology and industrial production. His collections map almost thirty fields of human activity, from original crafts to modern computer technology. The museum also manages and documents the estates of important personalities working in the field of science and technology. Among them is, for example, such an important name as Viktor Kaplan, the inventor of the Kaplan turbine.

The individual exhibitions are divided into thematic sections and in each there are many interesting exhibits to see. On the lowest floor there are engines, namely water, steam and aircraft, small machines, which you can try to move with the handle of machines of respectable dimensions. When you get enough of them, upstairs you can see historic vehicles, motorcycles and a car repair shop with all the details.

The next floor and especially its part Alley of Crafts look amazing. You will feel like you are in a real street from the beginning of the last century. He wants to properly inspect and enjoy the elaborate shops and craft workshops such as the grocery store, barber shop, locksmith shop, shoemaker or dental practice. The impression of a real street is completed by the paving of cubes, the canal cover, the pump and the bench. In the period pub there is one of the mechanical musical instruments, of which you will still see a lot in the adjoining mechanical music salon. Do you know what principle the piano works on? You will find out here and you may be lucky and hear him play with your own ears. Virtually all tools are still functional, despite their age of about a hundred years and more. Try asking a museum employee if it would be possible to demonstrate the instruments. It's not certain, but maybe one of them will be able to run. It's an experience, believe it.

In addition to the already mentioned in the museum, you will see exhibits of aviation history and plastic modeling, cutlery, metalwork, hardware, the development of telephones, computers, small household appliances and much more. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the culture of the blind and is also very instructive. On the top floor you will get to know important scientists and their discoveries, and you will also find a room called the Technical Game Room. It is here that you can try out various examples of the functioning of the laws of physics and at the same time learn why this is so. In one corner of the playroom, even the youngest children are meant, who will certainly like to play with toy cars or kits on the play carpet. There are also several computers whose programs introduce children to the technology or physical laws of the world in an entertaining way. You can be sure that your children will not want to leave. And maybe not yourself.

Finally, in the garden of the museum you can see several exhibits of aircraft, it will certainly be a pleasant cherry for a nice day.


Author: Martina Limbergová