Velké Meziříčí Museum

The Velké Meziříčí Museum was established in 1893, when the General Landscape Exhibition took place in the town. The objects from this exhibition became the basis of the museum. In later years, the collections were supplemented by objects of a scientific nature. When the museum moved from the town hall to the chateau in 1948, the historical, ethnographic and scientific collections were expanded to include chateau furniture. In the 1980s, specialization in road construction was added, which was reflected in the name. Photographs and models of bridges are presented to the general public, while the archive and library are intended for experts.

The Velké Meziříčí chateau, originally a Romanesque castle from the 13th century, was rebuilt several times. Of the individual building styles, the Gothic-Renaissance loggia, the Renaissance entrance gate from 1578 and the Baroque main building from 1723 - 1731 have been preserved. The last neo-Gothic alterations from the beginning of the 20th century were reflected mainly in the forecourt buildings. The castle is owned by the Podstatzký-Lichtenstein family.

Velké Meziříčí Museum Velké Meziříčí Museum Velké Meziříčí Museum

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Adress: Zámecké schody 1200/4, Velké Meziříčí
GPS: 49.35782890, 16.01235860
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