Museum of Eastern Bohemia

The Museum of Eastern Bohemia stands on Eliščina nábřeží in Hradec Králové. A beautiful, red-glowing building rises on the banks of the Elbe and honors its city. It is an impressive pearl from the hands of the master of Czech architecture Jan Kotěra (1871 - 1923). His handwriting is imprinted on its walls in a completely unique way. The very floor plan in the shape of a Latin cross impresses with its peculiarity and overall concept.

Information for visitors

Adress: Eliščino nábřeží 465/7, Hradec Králové
GPS: 50.21162170, 15.82898330
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Interesting facts Museum of Eastern Bohemia

The museum in its current form received its appearance in the years 1909 - 1912. However, it was not the first place to store valuable collections. The impetus for its establishment in general was the exhibition of antiques and monuments, organized in 1879. A year later, a museum was established on the basis of the objects purchased here. However, it was not a single building. The objects were exhibited in various ways, for example in the town hall or the chapel of St. Wenceslas Square on Žižkov Square. Gradually, it became clear that it would be necessary to find a solution in the form of another place for permanent exhibition and storage of collections. They slowly grew with objects from archaeological excavations in the city and the surrounding area.

And so it happened that in 1907 - 1908 plans were made and a year later construction began. The work was carried out in a fairly rapid sequence, so in 1910, Eliška's embankment was already proud of three floors of the newly created gem. For a few months, visitors could observe the sitting of huge statues next to the main entrance. And as time went on, the day of the grand opening came, which was an important and unforgettable day for the inhabitants of Hradec Králové. They had something to boast about, and rightly so.

Visit this historic building and visit the ground floor, where you can still see the study of the architect Kotěra himself. You will be amazed at how efficiently he arranged his room. The lecture hall is also worth mentioning. We will not reveal more so that you have something to look forward to.


Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý