Rýmařov Municipal Museum

The collection of the Rýmařov Municipal Museum is based on the results of geological and archaeological research, collections and abundant donations from the city's citizens. At present, the museum offers a number of interesting exhibitions about the Rýmařov region: the history of the region from prehistory to the 19th century, textile industry, metal mining, geology of southern Jesenice. In the expositions you can find a number of unique pieces, such as plates for melting gold, kaolinite ceramics, gold-woven church brocade. The museum also includes the Octopus Gallery, which exhibits works by regional and leading Czech artists, and to a lesser extent also organizes historical, natural science and arts and crafts exhibitions.

Rýmařov Municipal Museum Rýmařov Municipal Museum Rýmařov Municipal Museum

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Adress: náměstí Míru 219/6, Rýmařov
GPS: 49.93132310, 17.27231890
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Interesting facts Rýmařov Municipal Museum

The town museum in Rýmařov was founded by a local businessman and representative of the town Wilhelm Ludwig (1853 - 1943) in 1901. The collections came from donations of the town's inhabitants and the surrounding area, as well as donations from rich patrons and compatriots abroad (eg Africa, America, Orient).

II. they survived World War II unscathedly hidden on the ground floor of the town hall. After the war, however, there was a ruthless period of relocation, loss and destruction of collections. Their remaining torso was to serve as the basis of the fund of the district Rýmařov Museum. However, this never happened due to misunderstandings on the part of city officials. The collections moved again several times, so that their faint remnants were eventually scattered to various museum institutions (eg the National Technical Museum, the Náprstek Museum, the Bruntál Museum and others). The new era of the museum began only in 1991, when with the help of friends, citizens of the city and surrounding municipalities, sponsors and colleagues from other museums, the restoration of the museum in the building intended for the original plan began. The ceremonial reopening took place in November 1992 with an exhibition by Bohuslav Růžička in the Octopus Gallery.

The collections initially consisted mainly of finds from archaeological excavations carried out in Rýmařov in the years 1969 - 1991 and collections of minerals from geological surveys. Gradually, the donations of the city's citizens are increasing, and it is less successful to acquire items in the collections by buying or collecting in the field.

Gradually, individual exhibitions (1992 - 2001) were created concerning the history of Rýmařov (from the 13th to the 20th century), regional geology, the history of local textile industry and mining. The museum expositions also include a freely accessible external exposition of Jesenicka rocks located in the Hrádek locality (not far from the square). In addition, the museum has two halls, in which exhibitions of various kinds take place throughout the year.