A village engulfed in mountains. The village, which was founded in 1379, began to decay and disappear after 1945, but to this day it has retained its charm.

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Adress: , Jasánky
GPS: 48.61722200, 14.05027800
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Interesting facts Jasánky

Jasánky can be found in Šumava along the Světlá stream near the Czech-Austrian border. They are a natural monument mainly due to the occurrence of endangered plant species, especially orchids. The landscape was colonized in the early Middle Ages, but was left to natural development after the Germans were displaced. Numerous examples of historical cultivation of the landscape were created. One of the most important is the 44 km long Schwarzenberg canal. After it, logs up to 24 m long sailed to Vienna, in the years 1793 - 1892. During that time, almost 8 million cubic meters of firewood were transported. You can also see the remains of a mill and residential houses here. At present, the natural monument Jasánky has an area of 132 ha.

You can get to Jasánky along the backbone cycle path and follow the nature trail passing through the northern edge of the natural monument.

Author: Marie Bukovinská