Krvavý a Kačležský ponds

Come and see the several thousand flocks of ducks, which look for the Bloody and Kačležský ponds every year, on their way south. You just won't see anything like it somewhere.
The nature reserve is located in the Jindřichův Hradec district, near the village of Člunek. It has an area of 383.5 ha and the reservation was declared in 1994.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Člunek
GPS: 49.11832810, 15.11923280
Krvavý a Kačležský ponds map

Interesting facts Krvavý a Kačležský ponds

The reason for protection is meadow and coastal vegetation with adjacent forest stands. Remains of beeches with an admixture of oak, larch or sycamore are preserved here. Dandelion and ungulate grow in the undergrowth. In the adjacent wetlands you will find mainly reeds. An important reason for protection, however, is birds. In autumn, various species of ducks have a gathering place and a stopover here. With a little luck you can see a sea eagle.

The bloody pond got its name from the color of the clay bottom. The reddish color is also contributed by the peat bogs located on the west bank, from which humic acids are released, which cause the water to turn red.

From the nearby village of Kačleh, a yellow tourist sign leads to the dam of the pond.

Author: Marie Bukovinská