Take a tour of a place rich in an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals connected to them.
On the northwestern edge of Tišnov you will find the natural monument Květnice, reaching an altitude of 470 m. It consists of two peaks, which are followed by steep slopes separated by a wide saddle. Back in the 1930s, there was an extensive rocky steppe and forest-steppe, but now both peaks are forested. In 1950, Květnice was declared a state natural monument, but in 1992 it was declared only a natural monument.

Information for visitors

Adress: Králova, Tišnov
GPS: 49.35510000, 16.41820970
Květnice map

Interesting facts Květnice

You can see a large number of protected animals and plants here. The plant symbol of Květnice is a thermophilic dogwood that grows on the sunny southern slopes. Let us name the badgers, the badger, the great owl or the rock marten. The underground spaces have become a wintering ground for 12 species of bats and horseshoe bats.

You can enjoy the view of the landscape from the viewpoint of the quartzite Great Rock. There are also several underground spaces, caves and abysses in the area, but these are not open to the public.