High stone in the Ore Mountains

As visitors to the western part of the Ore Mountains, do not miss the completely unique natural monument called prosaically Vysoký kámen. If you go to this attraction, you will reach the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, where this natural monument is located near the village of Luby. The high stone lies on the border of two mountain massifs, in the longest place it is up to 300 meters long, in the widest place it is 40 meters. The massive rock formation consists of several parts, the most famous of which are the rock tower Větrná skála, Vyhlídková skála, Zobák and Hradby.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kámen
GPS: 50.30211000, 12.40957000
High stone in the Ore Mountains map

Interesting facts High stone in the Ore Mountains

The high stone is also a prospect
The uniqueness of Vysoký kamen lies in the fact that it has a wonderful view in all directions, to the west of the Ore Mountains, Slavkovský and Český les, Smrčina and to Germany. The appearance of the rock tower resembles the ruins of a castle tower. Upstairs is an observation deck, which leads to a long bridge and iron stairs. It has been a natural monument since 1974 and belongs to the Leopoldovy hamry nature park. This quartz rock formation also serves climbers.

Distinctive rock blocks
The tall stone is protected for its uniqueness - the rock formation looks as if it suddenly emerges from the platform on which it is located. Even its shape is strange. The rock blocks are bare, without significant vegetation. Cranberries are a typical stand on the surrounding slope, you will also find a large number of lichens and mosses, some of which belong to rare species. There is also a black grouse and the great eagle owl used to nest here, but there is too much tourist activity for it. The surroundings of Vysoké kamen are formed by shales, which were mined here until 1906.

The high stone attracts tourists
Even from a distance and in the photographs, the High Stone looks a bit mysterious. It seems to resemble a castle ruin, with close-up blocks of stones. This appearance also contributed to the emergence of many legends, according to which you could meet a white lady, elves, savages or a cursed knight. There are several hiking trails, and although there is a slight climb, it is not a very difficult route.

Author: Helena Syslová