Rolavská vrchoviště

If you find yourself in the north of the Karlovy Vary region, on the border with the federal state of Saxony, you have the opportunity to see the national nature reserve Rolavská vrchoviště. It is one of the largest protected areas in the Karlovy Vary region and is the fifth nature reserve in the area. This area required protection for a well-preserved system of mountain peat bogs, there are waterlogged spruces and, of course, native plants and animals.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Přebuz
GPS: 50.39739690, 12.62355310
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Interesting facts Rolavská vrchoviště

What awaits you on the highlands?
Peat bogs, uplands and a number of lakes, pine and spruce stands create an interesting unique and characteristic appearance of the landscape. It connects the Velký močál and Velké jeřábí jezero reserves and also includes hitherto unprotected peat bogs in this area. These places belong to those areas that were not affected by mining. You will walk through the whole development and stage of the peat bog, magical are especially numerous lakes, you can also see rare plants and animals. In this area there are also the remains of a former tin processing factory and the entire complex of the Rolov prisoner of war camp. Unique insect communities also live in the area.

You will meet interesting plants and animals
The main representatives of the local flora are plants associated with peat bogs, especially mosses such as various species of peat bog, plantain, cranberry, cranberry, sagebrush, drought and the rare black scab. Wetlands are represented by wetland sedges, for example, and carnivores, sundews and mudflats are rare species. From the game you can see deer, roe deer, pigs, shrews and a large number of birds - buzzards, curves, water lilies, terns, teal, grouse and grouse. European important species are also of great importance, especially the great bat and the Ménétries ground beetle.

Wild and romantic landscape
Water is everywhere - around you and below you. The state border leads through the middle of the peat bog, you can also see ancient pines here, you can walk through a dry lake or on a swaying ground. In any case, you will see here what the mountain landscape looked like before man began to influence it. Highlands, peat bogs and vast swamps are remnants of true wilderness.

Author: Helena Syslová