Did you know that you will find another of several Czech Babylons in the Žďárské vrchy Protected Landscape Area? Near the village of Staré Ransko is Ranský Babylon, the highest peak in the forest complex of the Ransko National Nature Reserve. As the reserve has not been in operation for a long time, the reserve was declared only in 1997. The reason for the declaration was the protection of forest ecosystems, rare trees and various species of plants and animals.

Information for visitors

Adress: Družstevní 404, Ždírec nad Doubravou
GPS: 49.67157500, 15.80448310
Ransko map

Interesting facts Ransko

Natural composition of woody plants
Non-native tree species, such as larch and spruce, are cared for here. The aim is to return to the original composition of the forest. The rarest original vegetation, pine forests, firs, beeches, ash trees and alders are left without human intervention, so you can admire their natural appearance here. Significant damage was caused not only by wind and frost, but also by air pollution and overgrowth of deer, which caused damage by taste. As most of the local vegetation belongs to special purpose forests, only the necessary partial modifications are made.

Rich natural communities
The reserve is large, thanks to which many natural communities have been preserved. You can meet rare and protected plants here. Scots pine, snake spleenwort, field gooseberry form a community on the rocks, various species of beeches grow on poor soil, fir or spruce trees in the moisture, and round-leaved from the plants. Ash and alder protect the spring pale, which is found here in huge numbers. Many other protected plants can be found here, such as cress, thistle, lily, honeysuckle, hip, earthworm and more. The animal kingdom is represented by ground beetles and amphibians, reptiles, birds, rodents, beasts and deer.

The protection conditions improved the condition of the reservation
Logging and nearby ore mining threatened to significantly disrupt the natural environment, so protective conditions were set, which regulated the operation of forestry, hunting and other activities. The purpose is to preserve the unique forest ecosystem and protect the reserve area.

Author: Helena Syslová