Adršpach - Teplice rocks

Welcome to Adršpach, a national nature reserve, a place that hides a lot of natural treasures.

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Adress: , Adršpach
GPS: 50.60176080, 16.12465610
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Interesting facts Adršpach - Teplice rocks

The tour of the Adršpach Rock City begins at a rock formation called the Indian. Another important rock on the route is Strážce skal, behind it Orlí hnízdo and one of the most beautiful formations Džbán, whose ear has the shape of a dolphin. On the other side of the stream stands the tip of the Cukrová homole mine, which the children supported with sticks so that it would not fall. You will walk through Řeřich's Gorge and pass the Organ, Helmet, Knight's Helmet, Suburb with Glove and Twins in a Duvet. You can walk through the Gothic Gate and the Long Corridor to the Little Waterfalls. Along the way, be sure to see Madonna, the Dwarf and the portrait of the Lioness. When you turn to the Great Waterfall, you will take the stairs from 1820 to the St. Wenceslas Crown viewpoint. A breathtaking rock panorama with the Don Cossack will stretch in front of you. Johan Wolfgang Goethe was also here at one time, and his bust with a memorial plaque commemorates his visit.

Above the rock waterfall is a lake, where you can ride a rowboat and take a pleasant break before the next march. The sightseeing route will take you around the famous Powder Gate to the Rock Castle. Here is the highest and most beautiful sculpture associated with the viewpoint, called the Lover. Through the mouse hole around the Mayor and the Mayor, you descend to the Krakonoš Piano, where the entire sightseeing circuit is closed by Skalní ozvěna. Since 1783, forest horns have been played here and shot from a mortar to entertain tourists. The sound returns seven times from the wall of Křížový vrch.

Adršpach Rocks are connected to Teplice by Vlčí roklí, which is 4 km long. The Teplice sightseeing circuit will take you to the rock castle Střmen, from where there is a beautiful view of the surroundings from the viewpoint. Around the Rock Chapel, whose walls sometimes exceed a height of 70 m, you ascend to the Amphitheater, where the highest point is the Teplice Rocks, Elephant and Owl. Then you walk through the Anen Valley to the Siberian rock massif. Here, even in summer, you can enjoy a snowball fight, because thanks to the cold climatic conditions, the snow will last until the summer months.

Author: Marie Bukovinská