Břehyně - Pecopala

A romantic pond, a rock town, many species of birds, a varied composition of trees and plants, you will find it all in Doksy, near Mácha's Lake in the Česká Lípa district. Head to Břehyně and find out what makes this area so unique.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Doksy
GPS: 50.57904330, 14.70554750
Břehyně - Pecopala map

Interesting facts Břehyně - Pecopala

The National Nature Reserve consists of the Břehyň Pond, which was founded in 1287. It is surrounded by reeds, peat bogs, wetland meadows. The Pecopala sandstone plateau is formed by ravines and abysses. The area has been protected since 1933, in 1967 it was entered in the list of State Nature Reserves. In 1991, the pond was entered in the list of important wetlands of the Ramsar Convention. The Ramsar Convention serves to protect wetlands that are internationally important for the conservation of birds. There are twelve such localities in the Czech Republic. It was included in the system of biogenetic reserves in 1994. Eight years later, a bird protection area of ​​the European NATURA 2000 system was proposed, and in 2004 it was declared a Českolipsko - Dokeské pískovce Birds and Wetlands.

In the reserve, which covers 903 ha, a number of bird species nest, such as the great bustard, the gray crane or the mountain eagle. There is also a spotted salamander, the common viper, the river otter. Of the trees, they are mainly sticky alders, spruce on peat and summer oak and white birch in drier places. Beech, pine, birch and spruce grow on the highest peak of the Pecopala basalt mountain, there is a wood pigeon and a small flycatcher. Critically endangered species of crustaceans, summer frogs and summer frogs have been found on the southern edge of Pecopala. The research also found the presence of 49 species of aquatic molluscs.

A yellow tourist sign leading from Doks will take you across the dam of Břehyňský rybník to Staré Splavy. Along the way you will see a beautiful panorama of Malý and Velký Bezděz, where Bezděz Castle rises. If you decide for the route through Pecopal, you will follow the blue sign leading from Hradčany to Staré Splavy.

Author: Marie Bukovinská