Ještěd terraces

Almost everyone knows Ještěd, but few people know that the Terraces of Ještěd are also a natural monument. Remains of frost weathering, which have accumulated on the slopes of Ještěd and created unique formations, are protected here. Terraces, log cabins, cliffs and rock walls can be found in the northwest, they have been protected since 1995 and belong to the Ještěd Nature Park. You can reach them either by hiking trails or you can use the cable car.

Information for visitors

Adress: Horní Hanychov 153, Liberec
GPS: 50.74397190, 14.97873110
Ještěd terraces map

Interesting facts Ještěd terraces

What makes the terraces interesting
Below the top of Ještěd, there are a large number of rock blocks, rubble or individual boulders on the slopes. Their groupings resemble rocky seas or rivers. A total of ten levels of terraces can be counted, the width of the terraces is between 20 and 70 meters. You can also meet rarer plants here, such as the white-throated diver, the alpine honeysuckle, the European daisy or the Lobel sneeze.

Famous stone gate
The most visited and most famous formation of the Ještěd ridge is Kamenná vrata. If you want to see them, you have to turn off the yellow tourist sign and walk about 200 meters. The gate has a triangular rock window, which was created by weathering under the influence of frost. The rock is sometimes up to 8 meters high and about 20 meters long. You can climb Kamenná vrata, there is a good view from here. A large number of blueberries and cranberries grow in the area during the season.

Hiking trail
The Jizera - Ještěd Mountain Association has set up a 10 km long nature trail here. It is intended for hikers and the route is not physically demanding. 12 stops were built on the trail. The route leads from Výpřež (Tetřeví sedlo) and also ends here. From the top of Ještěd, follow the ridge to the Na Pláních cottage. From here you will walk around the Red Stone and the Stone Gate. The stone gate is the most beautiful rock formation in this locality. Here you will get information mainly of a geological nature, less information concerns flora and fauna. The views of the countryside are also beautiful.

Author: Helena Syslová