Jestřebské slatiny

See where the endangered carnivorous round-leaved sundew and other critically endangered plants and animals grow.
The complex of peat habitats, including peat pines in the floodplain of Robečský potok, has been a national natural monument since 2012. The area of the national natural monument is 186.4 ha, the area of the protection zone is 38.8 ha. It consists of four parts - Konvalinkový vrch, Sluneční dvůr, Shnilé louky and the former Baronský rybník.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Doksy, Jestřebí
GPS: 50.60876170, 14.60937250
Jestřebské slatiny map

Interesting facts Jestřebské slatiny

Here you will find specially protected plant species, especially Siberian iris, square garlic, sedge, siberian ash or marsh toliji. Elsewhere in the world you will not find the orchid Czech ringworm or the carnivorous Czech penguin. In the meadows you can see the vaccinated bluethroat, the marsh bluethroat, the common viper or the crested newt.

The landscape must be maintained, and therefore the local waterlogged meadows are regularly mowed to prevent the spread of overgrowth trees and reeds.