Martinské stěny

The Martinské stěny natural monument is located in the southern part of the Českolipské district and in the northern part of the Kokořínsko protected landscape area. It is a forested area with a number of rocks, near which there are a number of smaller protected areas, such as Stříbrný vrch or Kostelecké bory.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Dubá
GPS: 50.58049580, 14.46257250
Martinské stěny map

Interesting facts Martinské stěny

This distinctive group of rocks falls under the town of Dubá, as a natural monument it covers an area of ​​3.18 ha and is situated at an altitude of 390 - 420 m above sea level. The aim of the protection of this area is mainly invertebrates, for which this area is home. There is, for example, the spider moth or the brown tarantula.

The natural monument Martinská stěna was declared on 19 November 2002.

How to get here?

The entire northern area of ​​the Kokořín region is crossed by a yellow tourist sign, which also stretches across the foot of the rocks. There is also a cycle path under the number 0058.

If you travel by train, then it is easiest to get off in Blíževedly, about 5 km away from Martinské stěny.

You can walk to Martinské stěny from the village of Dolní Heřmánky, which is about 1 km to the east.

Characteristics of the area

The Martinské stěny area consists of a sandstone plateau and a steep edge of rocks. The plateau has sandy soil and growing pine, while on the edge of the rocks there is only weathered sand and solitary pine.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová