Žermanický lom

If you will spend some time on the Žermanická dam, be sure to visit the surroundings of the natural monument Žermanický lom. There was a significant mining of gypsum, igneous rocks with a wider use, for example in construction. The quarry was partially backfilled and flooded. At the bottom of the quarry is a larger body of water and wetlands. Plants that otherwise belong to endangered species also thrive here. There are two completely different areas - water, a wetland and walls that are heated by the sun. Amphibians, insects and birds also live here. The quarry was declared a natural monument in 1992.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Žermanice
GPS: 49.73419110, 18.44904000
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Interesting facts Žermanický lom

The protected flora and fauna thrive here
You can see here willow - purple willow or jiva willow. Thanks to the enjoyment, the multi-colored horsetail thrives here, which is very endangered elsewhere. In the wetland you will find narrow-leaved drygrass, marsh sedge or sedge. The water surface created ideal conditions for dragonflies. There are 19 species living here, the most rare being the dark dragonfly, which has become a permanent inhabitant. Amphibians also have a place here, important ones include the great newt. Among the rarer birds, you can see the white stork, nightingale warbler, green woodpecker or meadow warbler.

Žermanický quarry is not old
In the middle of the 20th century, a quarry was opened during the construction of the Žermanická dam, from which material for the construction of the dam was taken. The quarry was later closed, buried and flooded and left to fate. Without human intervention, rare ecosystems have evolved here that you will not find anywhere else. The bottom of the quarry and the walls of the quarry differ considerably from each other, the walls provide the plants with a limited amount of water and the temperatures fluctuate quite a bit. Many rare plants and animals have found their home here.

The recreation area has a negative impact
The proximity of the Žermanická dam and the number of its visitors has an overall negative effect on the area. Tourism is becoming too intense here. A special regime has been declared in the area of ​​the quarry and the quarry itself is not accessible. Entry is prohibited within a zone of 50 m from the quarry. No activity may be carried out here that could affect the state of the protected ecosystem, which is also damaged by inappropriate tree management.

Author: Helena Syslová