Kunčický stray boulder

Do you think that there are no natural monuments in the cities? We will mislead you. Try the national monument in Ostrava. It was here that a stray stone from northern Europe came.
The largest stray boulder in the Czech Republic can be found in Ostrava, where it has been protected as a national monument since 1990. It is placed on a concrete base.

Information for visitors

Adress: Vratimovská, Slezská Ostrava
GPS: 49.79147220, 18.29807920
Kunčický stray boulder map

Interesting facts Kunčický stray boulder

He arrived at the place already in the Ice Age, in the older Quaternaries. It comes from northern Europe, probably from the area of today's central Sweden or southern Finland. It was discovered in 1594 during the foundation works at the Novohu foundry (formerly Klement Gottwald's New Ironworks) at a depth of 6.8 m.

Kunčický boulder has an elliptical shape with dimensions 320 x 250 x 155 cm and weighs 17.5 tons. It is formed by a gray-pink rock of granite character, which is called porphyric granite.

Perhaps the only thing that can endanger the boulder is fallen ash from local factories, which is why a care plan has been set for it, which is expected to be gently cleaned every 5 years.

Author: Marie Bukovinská