Forests near Bezuchov

If you want to relax and draw some energy from nature, then you have the right opportunity to visit the forests near Bezuchov. The local nature will fill you with a feeling of joy and take you away from the reality of everyday life.
The natural monument is located in the Olomouc Region, between the villages of Pavlovice u Přerova, Kladníky and Bezuchov. The three smaller groves cover a total area of 250.2 ha.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bezuchov
GPS: 49.47227670, 17.59033580
Forests near Bezuchov map

Interesting facts Forests near Bezuchov

Here you will find the remains of wooded slopes, oat meadows and extensive orchards in the valley of the river Šišemka and its tributaries. Heartwood, oaks, hornbeams and alders predominate among the woody plants. In the undergrowth, colder-loving and moisture-loving species, such as the higher primrose, the sweet spurge and the four-leaved crow's eye.

In these and surrounding forests you can find mound burial grounds, which were discovered in the 19th century. You can also see a culturally protected monument in the village of Bezuchov, the recently renovated Chapel of St. Florian, built in 1895.

Cycling enthusiasts will certainly welcome several marked trails that will take you safely through the forest.

Author: Marie Bukovinská