Prunéřovské valley

A beautiful stream in a rocky and relatively deep valley, trout, rare old spruces, a waterfall, a beautiful landscape for fans of photography - this is a natural monument Prunéřovské valley. You can go to the valley on foot or by bike and the whole trip can be combined with refreshment at the swimming pool or climbing to Hasištejn Castle. Do not delay the visit, due to the construction of wind farms and the possible construction of a dam, this valley is in danger of flooding.

Information for visitors

Adress: Prunéřov, Kadaň
GPS: 50.44349890, 13.25166000
Prunéřovské valley map

Interesting facts Prunéřovské valley

Little known natural monument
You would find it difficult to find this valley in older tourist guides. Even some of the inhabitants of the nearest larger town, Chomutov, do not know him. It is a pity, because the Prunéřovské valley is beautiful, attractive and romantic. Therefore, do not be discouraged and go on a trip. A walk through the rocky valley of the Prunéřov brook, over various bridges and around rapids, in which you can see agile trout, is certainly a unique experience.

There is a magnificent waterfall hidden in the valley
A great, though not very well known rarity is the 8 meter high waterfall named Kýšický. This waterfall is not marked for tourists and no footbridge leads to it, you can discover it only by crossing a stream or crossing it over the trunk of a fallen tree and turn behind a rocky promontory. The most beautiful is this waterfall in the period when there is a lot of water - after heavy rains or spring thaw, but the worse the access to it. In winter, the waterfall becomes an icefall, you can climb it all the way up, which, of course, requires good physics.

Old shafts and Norway spruce
While walking through the valley of the stream, you can see the remains of mining activities. The most striking are the walled entrances to the shafts, whose age you can admire - they are from the 13th to the 18th century. Some galleries have windows for bat entrances and trips. The forest path also passes by the defunct houses and the remains of the mill building with the remains of stone drives. In the valley itself you will find a beautiful group of memorable trees, Norway spruces. A brick stone path leads up to Hasištejn Castle.

Author: Helena Syslová