Březina u Milešovky

If you are looking for a place for a pleasant walk, for example with children, then the surroundings of Březina are an ideal destination.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou
GPS: 50.54660000, 13.89959030
Březina u Milešovky map

Interesting facts Březina u Milešovky

In 1969, the northern and northwestern slopes of Bukový vrch, southeast of Kostomlat pod Milešovkou, were declared a nature reserve. It spreads over an area of almost 12 hectares at an altitude of 570 - 650 m. You will find an old flowery beech forest, among which beeches up to 170 years old grow, as well as a young peat bog with two floating islands. Originally artificially planted round-leaved sundew, it has become the dominant species here. The southern blister and the narrow-leaved blister also thrive here very well. From the animals you can meet a spotted salamander, a common toad, a common frog or a common viper.

You can start the walk in the village of Lukov, 4 km away, from where you will follow the blue tourist sign. Along the way you will have a beautiful view of the ruins of Sukoslav Castle. At the Pod Březinou signpost, you will replace the blue sign with a red one, which will take you directly to the reservation and back to Lukov.

Author: Marie Bukovinská