Ruprechtov windmill

One of our most important technical monuments can be found in Ruprechtov. It is a Dutch windmill with a Halladay turbine, which is unique not only in our republic, but also in Europe. The turbine is located at a height of 16 meters, its diameter is 10 m and weighs 2 tons. The Halladay turbine or wind wheel was patented in the USA and is a real rarity within Europe.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ruprechtov 213, Ruprechtov
GPS: 49.33266440, 16.84804580
Ruprechtov windmill map

Interesting facts Ruprechtov windmill

Ruprechtov and the local mill are located near the Moravian Karst and Macocha, on the road between Blansko and Vyškov, approximately 35 km from Brno.

The windmill in Ruprechtov was built in 1873 as a Dutch-type mill. It has a windmill with a revolving roof and four shovels, and after being in operation for several years, it was hit by a windstorm, followed by the reconstruction of the mill.

The Halladay turbine was installed instead of the classic windmill by the owner and builder of the mill, Cyril Wagner, between 1882 and 1884. The turbine was named after the American designer Daniel Halladay, who invented it and patented it in the USA. It consists of a wreath of adjustable blinds (blades), which can be operated by rods and thus allow the most optimal inclination to the wind, using a double rudder. This revolutionary invention was extremely effective: it was able to grind up to twice as much grain.

At present, the windmill in Ruprechtov is a technical monument, designed for inclusion on the list of UNESCO and national cultural monuments.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová