Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí

Small hydropower plants are part of many dams. It produces electricity ecologically from a renewable source and forms a significant part of energy sources. Are you interested in what it looks like in such a power plant? Would you like to take a look at one? The company E-ON offers this possibility in a small hydroelectric power plant in Vranov nad Dyjí. A new visitor center has been open here since 2011, where they can provide you with this experience.

Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí

Information for visitors

Adress: Havlíčkovo nábř. 421, Vranov nad Dyjí
GPS: 48.90661190, 15.81947940
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Interesting facts Hydroelectric power plant Vranov nad Dyjí

The Vranov dam was built in the years 1929-1934. At the time of its completion, a hydroelectric power plant was also launched, which has since been modernized several times and today meets the latest technical and environmental requirements. You will learn everything about this power plant, the history of the dam and technical parameters during the tour, when you look into the bowels of the power plant.

The tour starts at the foot of the dam, where a guide will pick you up behind the gate and take you inside. Then you will watch a fifteen-minute film that will introduce you to the principle of electricity generation and the near and distant history of the construction. Then you go to the very heart of the power plant, where Francis' turbines operate and generate electricity. The inspections take place when the power plant is not working, because electricity is produced here mainly in the morning and afternoon rush hour. So you won't hear what noise the turbines make, yet at least the experience is all the same. A little lower then you will look at the lowest floor of the power plant, where there are three pipes supplying water to the power plant, each with a diameter of 2600 mm. At that moment, you will be practically at the bottom of the dam, some 30 meters below the surface. However, a safe 27 meters of concrete separates you from that huge mass of water. This is the width of the dam at its base, gradually narrowing to six meters towards the top. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get into the body of the dam, the dam itself does not belong to the power plant. As soon as you come back to the surface, you will head to the Control Room, the room where the power plant has been running and is still running, and from where its entire operation is controlled. Here you will know the difference between devices in the past and today, when everything is controlled simply by a computer.

Whether you are more interested in technical matters or you are just curious, a visit to the power plant can certainly be a very engaging and unusual experience around the Vranov chateau. The visitor center is open daily from May to August, in April and September on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and the rest of the year to order. Admission is completely free.

Author: Martina Limbergová