Křižanovice reservoir

On the river Chrudimce, about 3 km northwest of the town Nasavrky and about 7 km southwest of Slatiňany we find the water reservoir Křižanovice, which was built together with the buffer reservoir Práčov (or Křižanovice II), between 1948 - 1954 .

Information for visitors

Adress: , Křižanovice
GPS: 49.86100830, 15.77422500
Křižanovice reservoir map

Interesting facts Křižanovice reservoir

Together with the above-mentioned Práčov reservoir, Křižanovice is one of the important water management works in the Pardubice Region. It has a concrete gravity straight dam of triangular profile and is made of vibrated concrete with a total height of 31.7 m and a length of 130 m, its width is 6.6 m and the road leading from Křižanovice to Nasavrky is located in the crown of the dam. At the maximum state (which is 404.10 m.n.m.), the water level has an area of ​​31.8 ha and the volume of the dam is 2,036,000 m3.

During the construction of the water tank, a new transfer formwork was used, which saved a lot of lumber and time for assembly and disassembly. Directly from the Křižanovice dam, the feeder leads to the hydroelectric power plant near Práčov with a total length of 3,139 meters. At the end of the supply pipe is a leveling reinforced concrete chamber. The tower is almost 58 meters high and dominates the entire surrounding area. 1.2 m high sliding formwork was also used for the construction of the tower, which required high demands on accuracy and perfect operation of all machines. The hydroelectric power plant includes a Francis turbine with an output of 8,000 kW.

The water reservoir normally has an accessible dam, which is accessible by a tourist marked path and the surroundings of the dam with a cottage area are also accessible.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová