Babiččino údolí nature trail

The national natural monument Babiččino údolí is certainly known to each of you, at least in connection with the obligatory reading or film adaptation of Babička. Many of you visited this place as part of a school trip or just because this magical region of our country attracted them.

Information for visitors

Adress: Boženy Němcové, Česká Skalice
GPS: 50.42170000, 16.05470000
Babiččino údolí nature trail map

Interesting facts Babiččino údolí nature trail

An educational trail leads through the area of ​​Babiččina údolí and Ratibořice near Česká Skalica, which aims to bring tourists closer to the places where Božena Němcová grew up and to acquaint them with the places that inspired her to write one of our most famous books, Babička.

Where does the nature trail lead?

The Babiččino údolí territorial nature trail belongs to the Náchod district and is located between Česká Skalica and Červená Hora. The local area is protected mainly because there are remnants of natural vegetation, there are forest communities and directly in the valley live about 90 species of mollusks, making this place one of the most important of its kind in the Czech Republic.

If you walk the entire nature trail Babiččino údolí, you will get acquainted with all the frequently visited monuments that are somehow related to the novel Babička, such as the old bleach, Barunčina's school, the raft where the crazy Viktorka sat, Ratibořice Castle, Rýzmburk gazebo and especially the local romantic landscape. The end of the alley leading from Panský mlýn is decorated with a monument to the grandmother and grandchildren, the author of which is Otto Gutfreund.

The nature of the trail

The beginning of the nature trail is in Česká Skalica near Barunčina's school. From here it leads along the river Úpa to Radibořice, from where it stretches to Rýzmburk, where it ends. In total, the trail measures something around 7.5 km, during the walk you will come across 18 information boards and 7 stops, which will inform you about the literary work and the local nature.

The trail is not open all year round, but only from May to October.