Latzel's Trail in the Rychlebské Mountains

The full name of the trail, which was created in 2010, is "Latzel's Trail through the Karst of the Rychlebské Mountains". Few of you may know that there are karsts in the Rychlebské Mountains, especially in the vicinity of Horní Lipová, Lipová-lázně or Vápenná, and it is this trail that aims to take tourists through this lesser-known natural wealth of this corner of our republic.

Information for visitors

Adress: Latzelova vila, Vápenná
GPS: 50.28424720, 17.09507780
Latzel's Trail in the Rychlebské Mountains map

Interesting facts Latzel's Trail in the Rychlebské Mountains

The information board on the trail will tell you something about what karst is, how it is formed, where limestone mining took place, how much the mining had an impact on the lives of the locals and how the workers who were employed in limestone lived. Particularly interesting are the places where there is a stream here and there, which suddenly disappears underground to spring to the surface a few meters further.

Anton Cajetan Latzel

Tourists are accompanied by Anton Cajetan Latzel, whose family during the second half of the 19th century was quite involved in the development of the local region of the Rychlebské Mountains and in the case of the village Vápenná directly influenced its current appearance.

Anton Cajetan Latzel first used a new technique of stone processing here, and in 1869 he was involved in the construction of the first circular kiln for burning lime, which was used in Silesia. It was thanks to Latzel that the lime industry developed considerably here. Latzel himself spent his own money, which he paid to his employees during the crisis. They could then buy food for them in Latzel's grocery store, which otherwise was not enough. All this and other information is given to tourists at stops on the nature trail.

There are a total of 8 information boards and the total length of the trail is about 9 km. The beginning of the route is in front of the railway station in Vápenná, from where it passes through Lesní Čtvrtí, the Lost Valley to Horní Lipová, while the elevation gain on the route reaches about 300 m. In Horní Lipová it is possible to get on a train or bus again.

The Latzel Trail is a great tip for a day trip using the train.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová