Prokop valley

One of the most beautiful places in Prague is undoubtedly the Prokop Valley, which is therefore quite often sought after by visitors. Here you will find a number of natural attractions, quarries, rocks, lakes and also a nature trail, getting acquainted with the local flora and fauna. The beginning of the trail is in Prague's Burovice, from where it leads through the Butovice fortified settlement and over Hemrovy skály, until it finally descends to the Prokop Valley, where it connects to the Řeporyje - Hlubočepy nature trail.

Information for visitors

Adress: Prokopské údolí 258/1, Praha 5-Jinonice
GPS: 50.04010830, 14.36727750
Prokop valley map

Interesting facts Prokop valley

The nature of the trail and its definition

The trail through the Prokop Valley is not a particularly challenging route. The biggest elevation gain is the ridge of Butovické hradiště, however, the problem is a bit the fact that the trail is not marked in any way and you have a bad orientation, if you did not study the route plan before the walk. For the most part, however, the nature trail leads along a yellow marked path.

The total length of the nature trail is about 3 km. It starts at the intersection of Novoveská Street and Pod Vavřincem Streets and ends in the Prokop Valley, where it freely connects to the Řeporyje - Hlubočepy nature trail. The trail is crossed by a total of 6 stops:

1st stop - Kační quarry - deciduous forest, geological structure of the wall of the former quarry, fossils
2nd stop - Kovářovic mez - description of the site, fossils
3rd stop - Hradiště - description of the Butovice fort, development of the settlement of this locality, archeological finds
4th stop - View of Hemrovy skály - Hemrovy skály, their flora and geological structure
5th stop - Above the swimming pool - Dalejský potok canyon, Klukovice swimming pool and its geological structure
6th stop - View of Dalejský háj - description of Dalejský háj

Author: Andrea Štyndlová