Drvot's educational trail

Apart from the fact that Kačák hums like a Mississippi, as sung in a well-known tramp song, Drvot's nature trail leads part of his basin. It bears the name of the tragically deceased young ornithologist and conservationist Václav Drvota, one of its founders.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Tuchlovice-Srby
GPS: 50.13151280, 14.03375920
Drvot's educational trail map

Interesting facts Drvot's educational trail

The educational circuit begins and ends in Srby near Kladno, measures 12 kilometers, has 12 stops and is marked with classic green and white markings. The trail was established in 1982 and will take you through some natural localities of the Kladno region, famous for its metallurgical and mining past.

One of the first stops is the Záplavy nature reserve, where herons also nest in the reeds, and if you are lucky you can also see muskrats. Another of the following stops will introduce you to the history of the Vaněk mine, which was one of the 136 mines in the Kladno region. You will walk around the Turin Pond, a popular fishing area where you can catch not only carp but also pike or catfish. Several times a year you can see sailing races organized by the home yacht club.

Equally interesting is the natural monument Kalspot, home to several species of newts. The opposite of this wetland are the nearby quarries, where sandstone was mined, called after the nearby Kamenné Žehrovice žehrovák. This stone is, for example, in the foundations of the National Theater, the National Museum, or in the remains of the fortifications of Buštěhrad Castle. The history of the settlement of the Kladno region is documented by a small well on the route of the nature trail, around which the village of Německá Lhota was located. It was founded in the 14th century and disappeared during the Thirty Years' War, either as a result of a plague epidemic or due to looting and burning by the army.

On the last educational board you will learn interesting facts about the horse-drawn railway Prague - Lány, the second oldest railway in Europe. The line led from the Prague Dejvice station and it also included the Kamenné Žehrovice stop, where you will get off if you come to the Drvotova trail by train. You can also use the bus from Kladno for transport.

The nature trail is flat, well passable, and if you are aware of Kladno only as an industrial city, it will surprise you with its pleasant forest surroundings, suitable for walking and cycling.

Author: Ivana Dondová