Labyrinths and mazes Loučeň

In the town of Loučeň near the town of Nymburk, we go to the chateau with its picturesque surroundings, which is crossed by an educational trail connecting ten mazes and labyrinths, located in the gardens of the chateau park. A total of ten stops of the nature trail acquaint visitors with the history of the local labyrinths, inform about when they were created, what types of mazes we distinguish, etc. The creator of Loučeby labyrinths is Adrian Fisher, who has gained world fame in creating labyrinths.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Loučeň
GPS: 50.28916670, 15.02583360
Labyrinths and mazes Loučeň map

Interesting facts Labyrinths and mazes Loučeň

The nature of the trail

The nature trail largely stretches along forest paths and footpaths in the castle park or directly at the castle on asphalts, and visitors can easily navigate using pictograms. The total length of the trail is about 2 km.

Where does the trail lead?

There is a fee for entering the chateau park, and after paying for it, you will receive a plan of the park, mazes and labyrinths in addition to the ticket at the box office. Of course, the nature trail is not difficult, it is ideal for walkers, small children and families with a pram. In addition, benches are placed along the mazes.

All labyrinths have an information panel with instructions on how to successfully navigate the labyrinth. Together, there are five labyrinths and five mazes waiting for you in Loučeň, each with an information panel.

What awaits you?

1. Buxus maze
2. Light labyrinth
3. Grassy labyrinth
4. Yew maze
5. Cobblestone maze
6. Palisade maze
7. Stone labyrinth
8. Rope maze
9. Sand labyrinth
10. Grotta

Visitors will learn the difference between a maze and a labyrinth, something about the ancestors of labyrinths, the legend about the construction of the labyrinth, labyrinths in Greece and many other very interesting information.