A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO

Have you gone through all the classic and famous big zoos? Are you looking for something new? Be sure to take the children and drive to the Dvorec Zoo.

A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO

Information for visitors

Adress: Dvorec 17, Borovany
GPS: 48.87321310, 14.65481780
A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO map

Interesting facts A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO

Park of exotic animals o. P. S. Dvorec

Dvorec Exotic Animal Park, abbreviated to Dvorec Zoo, can be found between the villages of Borovany and Trhové Sviny, ie about 20 km south of České Budějovice.

It is possible to get here by car, bus or train. By car you can get to the parking lot at the complex, take a bus to the village of Dvorec and go less than 1 km walk to the ZOO, train to Borovany and from there you take about 4 km hike along the red mark through the forest.

Animals in the ZOO - far from just beasts

With your children you will be able to admire:

- Carnivores - eg desert lion, Ussuri tiger, Indian tiger, brown bear and others.
- Primates - eg baboon baboon, teachable chimpanzee, saddle tamarin and others.
- Sudokopytníky - eg bipedal camel, domestic buffalo, tame llama, etc.
- Even-toed ungulates - eg domestic donkey, Shetland pony…
- Many other animals: ostrich, peacock, turtles, parrots, caiman, snakes (anaconda, python, rattlesnake, viper)…

Everyone will find here what he is most fond of.

Playground for the youngest children (and not only for them)

If you want to relax, you can let your children on the wooden mini playground and enjoy the view of the animals yourself.

Hospůdka U Krokodýla - beer and kofola and much more

If you fancy a snack, be sure not to miss this small pub within the ZOO. They also offer sausages, hot dogs, pizza and popsicles. Before they serve you, you will be able to buy a souvenir or other small item.

Adopt your favorite

Even in this ZOO you can adopt an animal that is close to you. If you deposit the full amount, which includes the cost of 1 year of the animal's life in the zoo, you will become the adoptive parents of the animal. If you contribute any small amount, you will become the patron of the animal. It's up to you and your options. If you do the whole event with your children, the better for them.

ZOO Courtyard for everyone

Everyone is welcome in this ZOO. You can come here with a pram, a walking toddler and older children. Everyone can find here what is close to them. In addition, there is beautiful nature in the area, which directly encourages further walks or tourist activities.


Author: Pavlína Šustrová