Jungle center Olomouc

Great entertainment, game corners, interesting circles and great refreshments - this is the Jungle entertainment center on Třída Míru in Olomouc.

Information for visitors

Adress: Třída Míru 32, Olomouc
GPS: 49.59674780, 17.22869640
Jungle center Olomouc map

Interesting facts Jungle center Olomouc

What can you find here?

Above all, entertainment attractions: an indoor playground where children can play and parents can relax. There is a trampoline, Opičárna (with net obstacles on three floors, with a bridge, slide, pool with balloon impact, lookout tower or spider web.

It is possible to have your children organize a birthday organized by the center. The celebration takes place either in the birthday room or it is possible to rent the entire Jungle center just for yourself. Celebrants are offered several types of birthday menu, decor, clown, birthday cones and more.

Especially for parents, there is a café in Jungle Olomouc, either sitting indoors or outdoors and offering great French pancakes or Czech buns, fresh cocktails, delicious coffee or perhaps delicious ice cream.

The center also organizes various courses, such as exercises for the youngest children under two years, exercises for older children from 2 to 4 years, drama courses, rhythm and singing courses and more.

Attraction for kids

In the Jungle in Olomouc they remember even the youngest children, the playground for children up to 1.5 years is called Louka and you will find plenty of toys and soft padding. Everything is so safe even for the youngest visitors.

Older children will appreciate, for example, the trampoline or Méď's den, intended for children under 3 years of age. It has a copper house, a slide with lots of balloons, hiding places and swings. Here, too, everything is softly padded.

Older children will have fun in the Píny opičárna. Climbers, swings, slides and other attractions await them here.