Castle Zbořený Kostelec

At the place where the Kamenický stream meets the Sázava river, you can visit the mysterious ruins of the royal castle demolished Kostelec. The ruins are part of a nature reserve and are freely accessible. In the past, the ruins were visited by artists, historians and romantics, such as Karel Hynek Mácha on his way through Posázaví. Now you have a unique opportunity to visit this ruin and relax, look around the landscape and enjoy the quiet moments in the pristine nature.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Týnec nad Sázavou
GPS: 49.85365610, 14.59139190
Castle Zbořený Kostelec map

Interesting facts Castle Zbořený Kostelec

The dominant feature was the extended tower
Demolished Kostelec used to be an exhibition royal castle. Today you can see only the remains of its parts - the round advanced towers and walls with pillars, the ruins of the palace, which reach to the height of the first floor and also the remains of the gate. The original purpose of the castle as an aristocratic residence changed with reconstructions, defensive elements were added and the castle gradually became a fortress serving military purposes. Despite all the fortifications, it was conquered and destroyed by the army of George of Poděbrady.

The beginnings of the castle are not documented
The castle probably dates from the 14th century and was originally called Kostelec na d Sázavou. Its founder was probably Wenceslas II. The royal castle used to be built up as needed and was even the seat of a robber knight. It was conquered and restored several times, the final end for the castle meant humiliation and destruction by the royal army in the 15th century. Since then, the castle is called Zbořený Kostelec.

The legend tells of lovers from the castle
If you like romantic legends, Zbořený Kostelec Castle can offer you several. The lord of the castle called in an expert from abroad to establish a vineyard. He was a handsome young man, Dio. He did his job properly, the master was satisfied, and so the young man was invited to a local party. Here he fell in love with a girl who, however, was to be the bride's nephew of the castle lord. Dio and the girl spent only one night together. They were captured and Dio was killed. The girl married the castle lord's nephew, but she soon died. The vine on which her veil remained had withered, and no one else grew up there.

Author: Helena Syslová