Many surprises await you, world uniques, historical spiceries, all presented in a non-traditional guise.
You will be amazed, you will laugh and you will be frozen by the events that this small area passed through in the context of world history, in which the local people have made an unforgettable mark.

Information for visitors

Adress: Hlavní třída, Ostrov
GPS: 50.30592500, 12.93906670
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Interesting facts Ostrov

As part of sightseeing tours, as a time machine, you will walk through the attractions of the area and its locals over the last 3,000 years.
You will get to know the stories of daily life in times of prosperity and need of ordinary people in contrast to the lives of some of the richest people in Central Europe.
You will get to know the fascinating history of Ostrov Castle Park, which was rightly called the 8th wonder of the world, you will get acquainted with its forms during 800 years of development.

You will get acquainted with the fates, life and pastimes of aristocratic families, which gave the name to the dollar, regrouped the powers of power in Europe, expelled the Turkish invaders from Europe and were the true nobles of their time.
Among other things, you will be amazed by one of the oldest bathrooms and toilets in Europe. Stones of the colossus straddling the river.

The incredible decoration of the castle park, which also inspired greats such as J. S. Bach and attracted all important rulers and nobles of its time. It will freeze you at the first concentration camp in the Czech Republic. You will be amazed by the world-unique Sorela-style garden city, built in the style of a French garden, which grew up in just 10 years under incredible economic and political circumstances in the 1950s in connection with uranium mining and communist camps.

Part of the circuits is a visit to the beautiful interiors of a luxury villa of an early modern nobleman, the beautiful interiors of the monastery complex with all the chapels, the luxurious interior of a traditionalist cultural house.
Our guide will introduce you to all these gems and guide you.

Tours are also suitable for families with very small children. (children under 10 have free entry with parents)

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We look forward to your visit.