Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov

Vesec u Sobotky can be found about 3 kilometers from the square in Sobotka. It is a traditional village, which has about 27 house numbers, in which only 12 people live permanently. The history of the village dates back to the eleventh century. In 1995, it was declared a village monument reserve. Unfortunately, the attempt to include it in the UNESCO list has not yet succeeded.

Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov

Information for visitors

Adress: , Vesec u Sobotky
GPS: 50.48000000, 15.15527810
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Interesting facts Vesec u Sobotky - Liptákov

Vesec is an Old Bohemian term for a village. This village was built as a typical Czech roundabout, with traditional Saturday folk architecture. Most of the houses here were built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These houses are characterized by large courtyards, interconnected windows in the facade and verandas. All buildings are built around the pond. Thanks to its high preservation, it is one of the most valuable sets of buildings in the Czech Republic. It is also worth mentioning the Cross of the Holy Trinity.

Over the course of 65 years, a number of Czech and foreign films and series have been made here.

• Uprising in the village 1948 (village square, surroundings, houses 7 and 15)
• The 1973 pilgrimage came to us (houses and local children)
• Defeat 1974
• Son of the Fathers 1975 foreign film starring Vladimír Menšík
• How to get my dad to the correctional facility in 1978 (all scenes with the firefighter Máňa)
• Johanes 1978
• Jára Cimrman lying asleep 1983
• Psohlavci 1983 part from Bachelors
• Comedian 1983
• There are no jokes with devils 1984 (in buildings 17, 18)
• A wedding in the Bohemian Paradise, or how it was with the Bartered Bride 1986
• Frog Prince 1990
• The Long Road of Lukas B. 1992
• Thanks for a good morning 1994
• Lost Love 2000 - 2001
• Hospitals on the outskirts of the city after twenty years 2007 and others

Today, thanks to its size, Vesec u Sobotky falls under the village of Libošovice. In the village you will not find a shop, no post office, no mailbox, or even a bus stop. In the center of the village on the village square, you will find only a small fire station near the pond.