Olomouc - the pearl of Haná

Olomouc is the capital of Haná, which can be found in the center of Moravia. More precisely, we mean the sixth largest city in the republic, which boasts a university, a large number of monuments, and also an inscription on the UNESCO list. In addition to all this, Olomouc has also been an archbishop's center for centuries and has significant judicial power.

Information for visitors

Adress: Horní nám. 367, Olomouc
GPS: 49.59481580, 17.25105970
Olomouc - the pearl of Haná map

Interesting facts Olomouc - the pearl of Haná

At present, the city has a total population of 480,000, with 100,000 living in its center. However, the history of the city dates back to 1017, when Moravia was annexed to the Přemyslid state. Prince Břetislav then had a castle built here with an extensive fortification, where he built the oldest church in Olomouc, ie the church of St. Peter, which unfortunately no longer stands here. From 1063, the diocese was restored here, and 15 years later Prince Ota Sličný had the most famous Olomouc monastery, Hradisko, built here. As early as 1126, the diocese was housed in the Church of St. Wenceslas.

Olomouc experienced the most difficult moments in the Hussite period. Many Hussite wars took place here. At that time, the construction of the Church of St. Maurice was completed. The city experienced its greatest prosperity in the 16th century, when the residences of the rich, dormitories, schools and a university were built here. However, the Thirty Years' War, plague and fires put a stop to development. In the eighteenth century, however, there was a lively construction industry. It was at that time that new fountains, plague columns and other buildings were built here. Olomouc also had an important defensive position in the past and was therefore the seat of a strong military garrison. In the 18th century, Olomouc was rebuilt into a fortress. At that time, a number of training grounds, barracks and other buildings were built here.

At present, Olomouc attracts not only for its monuments, but also for the nearby ZOO and a number of festivals. The annual international documentary film festival has a tradition here, as well as Flora Olomouc, the autumn festival of Sacred Music and the International Organ Festival. In addition to them, the May Beerfest is traditionally held here, and in August the Flamenco festival.

Interesting local sights include:

• Archbishop's Palace
• Caesar's Fountain
• Church of St. Wenceslas
• Hercules Fountain
• Klášterní Hradisko
• Jupiter's Fountain
• Visitation of the Virgin Mary
• Mercury Fountain
• Church of St. Michala
• Church of St. Mořice
• Plague Column
• Church of Mary of the Snows
• Homeland Museum
• Neptune Fountain
• Town Hall Astronomical Clock
• Olomouc City Hall
• Sarkander's Chapel
• Terezská Gate
• Triton Fountain
• Holy Trinity