Ledce - forgotten spa

We invite you to take a walk around the places where spa guests of famous names walked 100 years ago - Karolína Světlá, František Palacký, Josef Jungmann or Karel Havlíček Borovský. He was recovering here after returning from exile in Brixen. The days he spent at the local spa were one of the last days of his life. He was transported in high fevers to Prague, where he died five days later.

Information for visitors

Adress: Šternberk, Ledce
GPS: 50.19932250, 14.02453720
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Interesting facts Ledce - forgotten spa

Šternberk, a local part of Ledců u Slaného, ​​will welcome you with a colorful carpet of leaves of memorable oaks and lindens. The concentration of these centuries-old giants is the highest in the whole of Slánsko. But only five are protected. In the neighborhood of these patriots of Czech groves, a Chinese immigrant, ginkgo biloba, is also struggling. Someone planted it directly opposite the former spa house, which now houses an orphanage.

The spa, established by the Martinics at the beginning of the 19th century, did not survive the First World War. During their heyday, they offered their guests treatment with mineral baths and drinking cures. In addition to pleasant walks, the visitors allegedly enjoyed the stimulating effects of cream and chocolate.

The birth and demise of the Sternberg spa were marked by war conflicts. The Napoleonic Wars slowed their origins and the demise of the spa was caused by the war crisis at the beginning of the 20th century. Iron springs, mentioned in 1751 in connection with the removal of iron water from the pond so as not to harm the fish, but still offer their healing power. The springs, coloring everything around them to a golden brown color, bear the names Jindřichův and Dr. A. Tůmy. They spring up against the spa houses, hidden in the greenery and shaded gazebos.

Behind the third spring, you must weigh your way through perhaps the former colonnade. It is followed by a park, where you can walk between the mentioned age-old oaks to the dam of a romantic pond and then to the spring of Dr. Prokeše. The locals call him a "fish". It is the only one maintained, with a landing lined with a stone railing. Its water is delicious, even without a high iron content. It is hygienically controlled, suitable for infants.

But there are two other sources. Masaryk and Overgrown. Try to find them.

You can get more information at the local museum, which is dedicated not only to local history, but especially the history and present of some Asian countries.

Author: Ivana Dondová