ZOO Dvorec

If you already know all the large zoos and are looking for something new, we offer you an interesting alternative in the form of the Park of Exotic Animals in Dvorec in southern Bohemia. It is located approx. 20 km southeast of České Budějovice above the town of Trhové Sviny directly between two tourist areas, Novohradsko and Třeboňsko.

Information for visitors

Adress: Dvorec 17, Borovany
GPS: 48.87317190, 14.65483310
ZOO Dvorec map

Interesting facts ZOO Dvorec

In the Dvorec ZOO you will find more than 200 animals of various species (currently 70 species) - large felines, licho and even-toed ungulates, primates or snakes.

In addition, if you like some of the animals, you can adopt them and contribute a small amount of money. You will thus have constant supervision over his care and you will become his patron. ZOO Dvorec u Borovan is easily accessible to families with prams and is suitable for children.