Zoo Park Vyškov

The zoo in Vyškov was established in 1965 as a small zoo-corner focused on the breeding of small domestic and wild animals. Due to the difficult time, when it was not possible to travel freely and thus obtain animals from foreign countries, the corner focused mainly on the original domestic animals. Better and worse years alternated, but it didn't look like much success. The zoo was even threatened with extinction in 1990, it was decided to close the entire complex, but fortunately it came to an end. Over the last twenty years, the garden has come a long way.

Information for visitors

Adress: Cukrovarská 9, Vyškov
GPS: 49.27285610, 16.99678440
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Interesting facts Zoo Park Vyškov

The director Josef Kachlík, who took office in 1991, is behind the modernization of the entire zoo and its great development. He was the first to have Babiččina dvoreček built, where visitors walk through a farmhouse and are in direct contact with domestic animals. At the turn of the millennium, enclosures for large animals and their stables were improved. A new entrance portal and social facilities for tourists were also built. The zoo still adheres to its focus on breeding primitive and exotic species of livestock. There are currently 133 species or breeds of animals in the number of almost 500 pieces. You can see large animals from Africa, Asia and South America, interesting species of poultry, everything from rabbits, goats and horses to felines and lemurs, a passing aviary of birds, the aforementioned Grandmother's yard and much more. Children will appreciate the playground and parents the terrace with snacks next door.

Author: Martina Limbergová