Plzeň Zoo

This zoo is not really just a zoo, but its full name is the zoo and botanical garden Pilsen. So, in addition to animals, you can also admire the beauty of flowers and trees from different parts of the world.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pod Vinicemi 9, Plzeň 1
GPS: 49.75814920, 13.35642000
Plzeň Zoo map

Interesting facts Plzeň Zoo

It is the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic, which was established in the West Bohemian metropolis in 1926. On an area of 21 hectares, you will find almost 7,000 animals, representing representatives of more than 1,200 animal species.

The main areas of the Pilsen Zoo:

- Australian area

- non-Arctic region

- Oriental region

- Ethiopian region

- Palaearctic region

- Neotropical region

In addition to your own animals, you will find a nature trail, a renovated 19th-century farmhouse with a collection of pets, several restaurants and souvenir shops in the area. Families with children can move around the entire Pilsen ZOO and you can also visit the neighboring Dinopark with your children.