Borotín Arboretum

In a small village called Borotín near Boskovice we find an arboretum, founded in 1918 by the Riedl family. After restitution, the then owner left the arboretum and it was almost deserted. Construction began again in the early 1980s on the site of an obsolete nationalized orchard, where a mother plant with landscaping was gradually established.


Information for visitors

Adress: Borotín 203, Borotín
GPS: 49.58470310, 16.66919610
Borotín Arboretum map

Interesting facts Borotín Arboretum

Arboretum history

JZD gardeners built and planted plant sample books, an alpina with ponds, a pavilion with a roof garden, a Chinese and Japanese garden and more. Everything was to serve as an illustrative example of an ornamental orchard and various methods of planting. The Borotín Arboretum was a frequently visited and sought-after place, which probably also caused interest from the heirs of the land after the revolution. However, restitution was not a very happy solution. The owner could not take proper care of the arboretum and later left it. The arboretum was untreated for a long time and suffered a lot until it almost disappeared.


At present, you can see examples of family gardens, various garden trees, bonsai, herb exhibit, alpinum, Chinese, Japanese and other exotic gardens. At the time when the exhibitions are held here, a pavilion with floristics is also open, focusing on various topics depending on the season.

The arboretum also includes a shop where you can buy individual plants and trees, and where professional staff will advise you on your choice.

The Borotín Arboretum is open to visitors from April to October every day except Monday.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová