Výlety bridges Písek

Podolský bridge near Písek

Podolský bridge is part of the road connection between Písek and Tábor. It is an arched bridge that spans the Vltava River near the village of Podolí, about 10 km east of Písek.

Stone (Deer) bridge in Písek

The town of Písek boasts a rare monument, namely its Stone Bridge. It dates from the second half of the 13th century, but the first written mention of it is linked to the reign of Charles IV. The bridge has seven arches and stands on six pillars.…

Žďák Bridge

Immediately after its completion, the Žďák Bridge was considered a technical wonder of the world and the largest single-arch steel bridge. It was built in order to bridge the Orlická dam reservoir near Orlík nad Vltavou and in the…