Podolský bridge near Písek

Podolský bridge is part of the road connection between Písek and Tábor. It is an arched bridge that spans the Vltava River near the village of Podolí, about 10 km east of Písek.

Information for visitors

Adress: Podolský most, Podolí I
GPS: 49.35727750, 14.27301420
Podolský bridge near Písek map

Interesting facts Podolský bridge near Písek

The predecessor of the Podolský Bridge

The bridge was built between 1939 and 1943 to replace the old chain bridge, built in 1848. This older bridge was dismantled in 1960 in connection with the construction of the Orlická dam and moved to the Lužnice to the village of Stádlec and is now known as the Stádlec Bridge.

Significant awards

In the 1930s, the design of the bridge was awarded in Paris at an architectural exhibition called "Le beau pont de l´Europe", the Beautiful Bridge of Europe, and awarded the Gold Medal. In 1939, he received another award at an exhibition in Liege, Belgium. The authors of the project are V. Janák, J. Brebera and L. Pacholík.


During World War II, the bridge was an important transport link. In 1945, both banks formed a demarcation line between the Soviet and American parts of liberated Czechoslovakia. During April and May 1945, the bridge served as a retreat of German troops into American captivity.

Shortly after the liberation, crimes against humanity by Soviet soldiers took place at the Podolský Bridge. German soldiers were interned on the right bank, women and girls were abused here, and many of them committed suicide here.


The length of the bridge is 510 m and it consists of several arches, the largest of which has a span of 150 m and the extreme 36.65 m. The bridge is only 8.5 m wide, of which 6.5 m is the roadway and 1 + 1 m sidewalks. The road is located at a height of 55 - 65 meters above the river.