Bridge over the Swiss bay

Most of you probably know the Vranov dam, but the bridge over the Swiss Bay probably says something to only a few, unless you have visited this corner of our republic. The footbridge over the Swiss bay of the Vranovská dam is its unmissable landmark, which was built here in 1993 to connect the beach with the dam. This suspension bridge is one of the most beautiful Czech bridges.

Information for visitors

Adress: Onšov, Jihomoravský kraj
GPS: 48.91170750, 15.82018390
Bridge over the Swiss bay map

Interesting facts Bridge over the Swiss bay

The bridge with a span of 252 meters is suspended on two A-shaped pylons with a height of 28 meters. Although the bridge seems unstable at first glance and even though everything is inclined on it and straight lines do not predominate here, it looks completely stable when walking. In the tops of both pylons, there are reflectors that illuminate the entire bridge. The suspended structure itself consists of prefabricated segments with a thickness of 0.4 m. The entire bridge deck is held by 2 x 108 steel ropes with a diameter of 15.5 mm. The bridge deck is located at a height of 6.5 - 9.7 m above the water level.

The authors of the project are Jiří Stránský, I. Hustý and J.Jordán and the lead designer is Jiří Stránský. The footbridge was awarded by the Ministry of Transport and its authors received the title Bridge Work of the Year 1994 for the project.

Before the construction of the bridge, there was a ferry across the Swiss bay between the beach and the dam, which, however, with the increase in the number of visitors to Vranovská beach, ceased to suit, so it was decided to build a footbridge. The current state - the suspension bridge - is a unique architectural work that fits perfectly into the surrounding environment and which does not disturb the character of the surrounding landscape.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová